The acoustic laboratory of M.G. Acoustical Consultants Ltd

The acoustic laboratory of M.G. Acoustical Consultants Ltd. was accredited in 2009 by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority.

The accreditation includes acoustic measurements of the sound insulation values ​​of structural elements, both to air born sound and to impact sound, noise measurements in the structure of a noise source within the building: elevators, pumps and sanitary plumbing, and measurement of noise in the structure from external noise source, such as air conditioning systems, generators etc .

The laboratory meets the growing need for reliable and accurate measurements, in accordance with the various standards, for the purpose of examining compliance with the standards for acoustics in residential buildings (according to IS-1004 and its 4 parts), in educational institutions (according to the 2004, Part 1) In offices (according to 2004, Part 2) and in accordance with the Nuisance Prevention Regulations (Unstable Noise) – 1990.

M.G. Acoustical Consultants Ltd. is meticulous in acquires the most advanced equipment on a regular basis, and since its establishment, has been conducting acoustic measurements that accompanies its consulting services in the framework of the various project planning and acoustic troubleshooting.

The company has prepared detailed procedures for the laboratory, in accordance with ISO-17025, and passed the certification tests, both in the professional field, by a specialist from Europe who was commissioned by the Laboratory Accreditation Authority, and in the field of quality procedures.

The Acoustical Lab provides its services for various noise measurements and measurements of insulation values, for the purpose of regular monitoring of compliance with standards in residential buildings, compliance with the acoustic requirements defined in the technical specifications of public buildings and offices and for the preparation of opinions of experts in arbitrations and legal cases